4K, Hdpi, Retina monitor support

(Jack Worsnop) #21

This is the most important and urgent update for me and many others.

(Mark) #22

Well, since it seems to work for Elements, I figured it was worth a shot mentioning it. I really don’t use Elements, very much, but only keep it installed for those rare times when I need it. I’m not a pro and my workflow is simplistic compared to that of most of you. I do virtually everything using PhotoLab Elite and Nik, along with the integrated functionality of Filmpack 5, and Viewpoint.

(Brent Mackey) #23

This was the update, the ability to use the NIK collection on my 4k monitor when using photoshop. This needs to be updates as it works when using Lightroom Classic but not from Photoshop. This is an absolute must!!

(David Brinkman) #24

Me too; I can’t even use NIK on the 4K screens I ahve

(Mark) #25

I understand the issue regarding LR, but, are you saying the change I suggested scales the NIK Collection appropriately when run from within PS rather than Lightroom? Its not clear.

(Carl) #26

Using all of the remarks posted from the success stories with scaling issues (Win 10 pro) all of the NIK apps work properly with Lightroom Classic CC. I also use GIMP 2.8.18 on occasion which is basically shelling out and loading a Tiff in standalone so no issue.

Calling the NIK apps in Photoshop 2018 CC the NIK windows will not scale, no matter the settings within the Windows properties settings. In fact, when adjusting the DPI properties to Override (system or application control) VS Program DPI I lose control of the image within the PS canvas and cannot center the photo. The scale is off the canvas and I cannot pull it in or reduce the image. PS is in Photography mode using default settings. All of these actions are using mouse controls, no Graphic Tablet.

I have access to other special effect plugins that are functioning correctly but I prefer NIK as I have been using them for 5+ years. I do suspect it relates to how the app is called from PS. I am not a coder so I am no help with that process. I will see what I can find however. The monitor is LG Ultra HD 24" 4K with Nvidia GT 1030. Desktop resolution set for 1920 X 1440 Native resolution 3840 X 2160.

(Vic) #27

This is precisely the situation I have. If the apps are run in stand-alone mode, or called from Lightroom (this seems to invoke the stand-alone version), the display is the same on both HD (1920x1080) and 4K (3840x2160). However, it the plugin is called from Photoshop it does not scale on the 4K screen.

With the proliferation of 4K and Retina monitors, I think this must be addressed.

(Serge Mion) #28

Hello, my original version of Nik software work just fine and before I buy the new DXO version those problems needs to fixed.
Why should I buy this version when I do not see any improvement and bug corrections…
I will buy your licence when those basic features are fixed.

(Ludger Ostrop-Lutterbeck) #29

I bought the DXO Nik Collection BUT for me there isn’t any noticable improovement over the free available Google version. I bought it because I really enjoy working with PhotoLab and I hope there will be dramatic improovements and integration into the other DXO products in the future.
Beside a far better integration in DXO PhotoLab 4k monitor support is what I wish most to be addressed in the next version of Nik Collection!

Best regards

(Han Bian) #30

me too,i want to use nik(Dfine and viveza)with retina display view.


I too would very much like support for HDPI monitor. I’ve been using Nik software since it was Nik. I currently have a Dell UP2715K (5K) display on my late 2013 MacPro and HDPI support would be greatly appreciated!

(PRO NON) #32

The scaling issues for high DPI monitors are the most terrible aspect of NiK currently. I love the products and I’ve been using NiK since it first came out as a product, but nowadays I’m using HDPI’s on almost everything I do in my work and private and the UI problems just kills off my creative flow.

I had such high hopes when you (DxO) announced your release :). I was so sure that this awful scaling issue must’ve been solved for using NiK in Photoshop, but instead my happiness was straight off killed, haha.

I give my very worth vote on this feature. It’s far more critical than any other in my opinion. Vote +10 :smiley:

Take care y’all!


hi all nik users, probably frustrated like i am,
i just installed the new release 1.2.18 and - what can i tell,
when the collection is invoked from ps cc i had to determine that the scaling issue of the ui is still not solved.
menues, icons, etc. in the ui are so small on my 4k display, that one can’t read them.

four or five months have gone by, and nothing has been done by dxo to solve the most voted problem.
what is this forum for? no answer at all from the dxo team. i think they don’t even read what is written here. they don’t care about their customers, only arrogant or just ignorant or both ?
writing here is a waste of precious time.
we are all paying customers, and dxo does not even give us a little sign of live on this topic.
trying to contact the support of dxo is absolutely worthless, all you get is a meaningless stupid standardized answer.
as a professional photographer i have been using nik for about ten years or longer, but now i have to realize that the nik time is over. it’ll take some time for me to accept this fact, but finally i will.
maybe i should contact a lawyer for getting my money back for a simply unusable piece of sh…, sorry, i mean software.
sad, disappointed, and angry

(DxO Labs) #34

Dear Nik Collection user,

Sorry, but although we understand the frustration of 4k screens users, there is no failure on our side in the fact that the survey clearly states from the beginning that users’ feedbacks are considered for the 2019 version. Therefore, there is no reason for you to be so offensive.

We can reinsure that the feedbacks are all read, sorted, challenged and prioritized to that extent. 4k/HDPI support is definitely -per the survey- the most wanted topic, way ahead of anything else, and as said before, despite the fact that we are not yet communicating in details on what will be exactly the next paid version, Hi-Resolution screen management will be part of it.

The latest release version within 2018, your mentioning is a free upgrade, improving stability, performance and compatibility, as stated in the related communication and the release note.

The current effort sustained by our engineering is deliberately addressing all the “low hanging fruits” fixes so that the software recovers reliability and functionality, as soon as possible.

In any case, thank you for your interest and your participation to the survey. It is both helpful and useful.

DxO Labs


dear dxo team,
first of all thanks a lot for your fast response and please excuse my harsh and maybe unobjective words above.
i should not have posted here after a long hard working day with a lot of pressure from my customers on one side and a quite sticky unsatisfactory workflow with nik on my 4k screen on the other side.
but maybe you have to admitt that a short note from you - i was beggin for that more than once, see posts above- about what is planned for the future would have been very nice and reassuring for not only me.
as often its only a question of the right communication.

by the way, here is your answer now and obviously we all have to be patient till the 2019 release comes out.
now i can decide, if its worth waiting for it or not, and for me i am sure it is well worth it.

once again, i hope you can comprehend my frustration and therefore please excuse me beeing offensive in my post above.
with great respect for you personally and the work you are doing

(Ed Quigley) #36

Yeah, I opted to go ahead and buy the “new” software from DXO, and downloaded it, but haven’t installed it, and have no intention of doing so until they take care of the problems. Instead, I’ll continue to use the original (that I PAID $141 before Google bought it and gave it away for free. . . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) NIK as plug-Ins for LR and ON1! Now, lest you think, “What an idiot!”, in my own defense I re-bought it before I started reading all the negative stuff on it. . .:cry:

(Ed Quigley) #37

Someplace out there on the web, there MUST be the free version of Google’s; it works just fine on my MacBook Pro, with both LR and ON1! Good luck. . .