4K, Hdpi, Retina monitor support

(Bruno S.) #1

Update User interface so that Nik plugins display correctly on 4K and Retina screens

(Diego) #2

I’m interested in the same update

(Bruno S.) #3

So don’t hesitate to put a vote on this feature request :slight_smile: !
Just click on the Vote button to increase the voting which is close to the title, as shown on this screenshot:

This will help us to see the most requested feature to define further updates of our product.
Thank you!

(Diego) #4

Hi Bruno,
i Was searching for the Vote button but I cannot see it, I see this


It seems that i have no available votes to assign

(Bruno S.) #5

Just checked, you should have now 3 votes left.
FYI, it’s not allowed/possible to vote more than once on the same topic :slight_smile:


(Steven Gosling) #6

I really need this. On a 4k 15" screen the text is unreadable. Trying to move a slider which is about 5 pixels wide is almost impossible. I will be the first to buy the software if it works on a 4k screen, but presently I’m keeping my money.


hi bruno,
something new about this topic ?
i am a professional photographer and the nik bundle has become an indispensable part of my workflow over the years. now i switched to a dell precision 7720 with a 17"4k display (coming from a dell 6600m full hd) for my “out in the field” jobs. the only reason why i bought the “new” nik by dxo was my hope that the fontsize in menues, boxes, sliders, buttos, etc. is now controlled by the system as known from almost any “modern” app or programm. i am beggin’ you please please please update this feature asap. till then nik by dxo is unfortunately absolute useless for me:cry::cry::cry: and i have to keep on working in full hd.
thanks a lot in advance

(Mark) #8

If you are using Windows 10, as a temporary work around have you tried going into the display settings and change the percentage of the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items box”?


hi mwsilvers,
thanks for your answer, you are right on the money !!!
what you say would exactly be the solution if…
… nik by dxo would let the system controll the size of its menues, items, text, etc.
but by now it does not !
nevertheless nice try - and thanks again.

(Mark) #10

Hmm. I have the Nik collection by DXO and it works that way on my Windows 10 machine. I just tested it again by enlarging and shrinking the percentage, and the fonts, menus, and thumbnails grew and shrunk along with the changes I made. Are you referring to something else? Perhaps you made changes in the properties compatibility tab which prevented this action from taking effect. Are you transferring your images to NIK from within some other software package? If so which one? My guess is the problem is a result of the program you are invoking it from. When I invoke one of the programs directly, like running the Silver Efex Pro .EXE file, the scaling is fine. Likewise when I invoke SIlver Efex Pro from within DXO PhotoLab scaling uses the system settings. But when I invoke it from within Elements 15, NIK doesn’t scale properly. That seems like more of a problem with the program that evokes it rather than with NIK, but I realize things aren’t always that simple.



hi mark,
thanks a lot for your time and effort on this subject.
i think you are on the right track with what you say above. i have the nik collection installed as ps cc 2018 plugins and therefore of course invoking it from ps. so no chance for playing with the compatibility tab settings for the nik .exe files.
as a workaround maybe i should run the nik stuff directly from the .exe files.
so we need the dxo guys to solve the problem. bruno ??? :heart_eyes:

NIK support for 4K monitors - make UI easier to read

Still waiting for bug fix (tiny fonts in Photoshop CC on 4K displays). Should be the #1 priority!

(Stephen Cupp) #13

I bought this thinking this would be in it, but sadly it wasn’t. I would guess by now most Photoshop users are using or will be using soon a Hi DPI display.


Agree! Microscopic size fonts on 4K displays bug should be DxO #1 priority for those of us the bought your toolset!

Enlarge Controls
(Bob Shrader) #15

This change before I lose my eyesight should be priority #1!

(Mark) #16

If you look at an earlier post of mine you will note I have a similar problem running the DXO NIK programs from within PS Elements 15. Everything is tiny. However I did not have that problem when running the NIK collection directly by running the programs standalone and also when invoking them from within PhotoLab. I’m using a 28" 4K monitor.

Thanks to an earlier scaling idea from another member of this forum I started looking at the compatibility tab of the applications properties window for Elements 15 and played with a couple of DPI settings and…voila! I was able to fix the NIK scaling from within Elements 15. It got me to wondering whether it would also work for PhotoShop. Unfortunately I don’t have Photoshop installed to test it. And the fix i applied is ONLY for Windows 10. Perhaps something similar is available for MACS. I did not fully test it to see if there are other scaling issues created as a result, but it may be something to try. Its not permanent unless you want it to be, and can be backed out.

First you must open the properties box for the application. Not properties within the application, but for the program itself. Hopefully you will see a Compatibility tab as I have, and then select it. By the way, if you are not aware of it, you can click on these images to enlarge them

[Elements 15 Propertiessmall by mwsilver, on Flickr

Next, select the Change High DPI settings button in the compatibility tab which opens a new dialog box. In this new box, shown below, select “Use this setting” under Program DPI, And make sure that “Use the DPI that’s set for my main display” to “I signed into Windows”.

Finally check the box under “High DPI scaling overide” and select System from the drop down menu.

Elements 15 Properties DPIsmall by mwsilver, on Flickr

Click OK and then Apply and then start the program. If it works the same way in Photoshop as it does in Elements the Nik Collection will be scaled larger. Again I can’t be certain if this will affect other scaling in the app you try this on, but it can be easily backed out if is does. Hope it works for PS the same way it works for Elements 15.


(Alan) #17

Presumably and fix/update to this would include support for 5k Monitors too?


Normally this is nk support. It is all about assigning the controls a size in logical pixels instead of physical.

In modern UI technologies the size of a control is defined in units which are not physical pixels. There is a base assumption like 96 DPI given by the technology and if the programmer wants a control to be two inches wide, he sets a value of 192. This value of 192 is then translated into different physical pixel counts on different monitors while ensuring that the control still remains two inches wide.

(Alan) #19

Thanks for the suggestion I momentarily got excited that this workaround would fix the issue. However, my workflow is to launch edit an image via Lightroom then open as a smart object in Photoshop and then open in CE4 or SE2 so that i have the option to adjust the CE4 as a layer and mess with opacity etc. It seems despite changing the DPI settings for Photoshop as you suggested when you launch the NIK programs from within Photoshop the scaling doesn’t work and everything remains tiny on a 5k monitor.


hi mark,
thanks again for your commitment. :blush:
i have all this behind me already.
in the system settings (win10) the scaling of my display (17"4k) is set to 200%, ps cc itself is doing fine means all the scaling is done correctly.
but the nik plugins are not affected from all this, so i don’t think it’s a problem of the host application.

anyone out there with the same setup and issue ?
i think we all are still waiting for a sign of life from the dxo-team… :wink: