4.1.1 HSL colour picker not working on M1 Mac

I upgraded to 4.1.1 and the colour picker is now greyed out. Mac mini Big Sur. FYI

It should be greyed out until you select one of the coloured dots.

This is what I noticed too.

Room for improvement: Activate the tool on clicking the pickup and maybe automatic selection of colour dot. BUT: As of now, we can use any dot and click any colour, making the green dot “blue” etc. for creative use or changes made to more and narrower tonal ranges…

In the windows version its clickable without selecting a coloured dot. Which is the expected behaviour?

Looks like a bug to me. The windows version of PhotoLab allows the colour picker to be used without selecting a dot first. This is not the case for the Mac version. One has to click a dot in order for the colour picker to be usable. Once this is done, its possible to use the colour picker on a new image without selecting a dot first. In any case the the windows and Mac versions should behave in the same way.

Totally agreed