4.0.2 - What's new?

I’m assuming this also came out for Windows. What’s actually in it?

I don’t get release notes like that … completely pointless. How hard can it be to just tell us what’s fixed and what’s improved, unless the developers just do whatever tickles them and no one else knows. :roll_eyes:

Every other time I’ve updated there has been something there. I think someone just pushed the wrong button this time.

Must be a big button, they seem to hit it relatively often at least. :slight_smile:

Nothing in the pdf release notes (yet) for Mac either. More for Windows, but since they almost seem to be different products, who knows.

I particularly like the 4.0.1 pdf release note for Windows: “Bug fixes: other minor bug fixes”. Very informative.

I don’t mind “bug fixes” as such, although maybe I would if I was waiting on a particular one to be fixed.

It could be worse. It could be like major brand apps on iOS that trumpet their new features in a x.0 release, and then continue to trumpet the same features as new in every x.0.x release for weeks afterwards.

Like here then. :grimacing:

Half of what’s claimed to be new in PL4 was already in PL1-3 (and probably earlier still).

Really? Since there are close to a dozen new and enhanced features in PL4, I would be interested in knowing which of them were already in PL3. See my list below.


  • New - DeepPRIME with GPU support
  • New - History palette
  • New - HSL Color picker
  • New - DNG input/output support
  • New - Paste Selected Corrections
  • New - Clone/Repair Expand/Collapse
  • New - Batch rename
  • New - Watermark editor
  • New -Filter tool bar
  • Improved Keyword support
  • First phase of the interface refresh
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Really. From the “New features in DxO PhotoLab 4” list in the Mac pdf I referred to previously:

  • Develop your RAW and JPEG images
  • DxO Clearview Plus
  • DxO Smart Lighting
  • Enhanced repair tool
  • A complete solution for local adjustments, including U-POINT® technology
  • Distortion Corrections and Lens Sharpness
  • HSL and DxO ColorWheel tool
  • Keyword and DxO PhotoLibrary management
  • Enhanced color management

These aren’t new features in PL4: they’re all listed in the PL3 release notes as well.

The features listed that are new are:

  • DxO DeepPRIME
  • DxO Smart Workspace:
  • DxO Instant Watermarking
  • Batch renaming of images
  • DxO Advanced History
  • Selectively copy and paste settings

And then one I’m not sure of offhand:

  • Parallel multiple exports and new DNG export format

So less than half of these “new features” in PL4 are actually new.

I’m not saying that the features themselves are insufficient/unworthy, just that DxO’s release notes are poor.

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I looked your PDF link and clearly that is a list of the main features of PhotoLab and NOT a list of the new features in PhotoLab 4. That is a documentation error that DXO should correct.

The new/updated features missing from your list of actual new features are: .

  • New - HSL Color picker
  • New - DNG input/output support
  • New - Clone/Repair Expand/Collapse
  • Improved Keyword support
  • First phase of the interface refresh

So I agree, The issue seems to be DXO’s poor documentation of the new/updated features rather than the actual new features.


Not to mention that there’s no mention of any bug fixes at all in 4.0. Hopefully not true, but do we really have to discover these things ourselves with each release?

Compare with the C1 20 release notes.

Yes, and in earlier releases it’s just a features list, not necessarily new. There’s enough room for marketing elsewhere though. Release notes should just tell us what’s new/fixed/changed, along with known issues.

So why have you upgraded then?

Because I’m happy enough with what is new.

Like I said, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the features, but the release notes are poor. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for DxO to provide a reasonably accurate description of what’s in a release (features, bug fixes, changes, known issues) so that we don’t have to test to find out.