2.2 out and a let down again

Better if you say you have a new version or update actually have something that warrants saying and charging for that.

Mark, I’d settle for speed improvements on the existing software. There’s quite enough features to get professional work done, if PhotoLab sliders would just work in real time. What’s happening on Windows sounds exciting though:

On my Win 10 PC (16GB, quad Core i5 gen 4 - hardly new!, SSD and a generic bottom of the range graphics card) it now positively flies when loading images - CR2, jpg and tiff. Ditto with RAW adjustment general sliders. They are almost real time, including local adjustments.

Platypus’s notes belwo sound interesting.

Here, 2.1.2 was slow too. Not necessarily while customising or processing, but most of all when I switch images (takes almost 3 seconds in DPL 2.2 build 27 while OpticsPro 11 takes less than 0.4 seconds)

I’m might have to try again with OpticsPro 11 and just do the layer work afterwards in Affinity Photo or Photoshop CS6 as I do with Iridient Developer.

I’m astonished by comments like this.

Fact is, DxO screwed over early adopters of PL2. It was only $25

If getting scewed over for $25 is the worst transaction you had even in the last month as a photographer, I congratulate you.

Platypus you suggest stopping communication with customers:

The lesson to be learnt here is to never talk about plans or announce something unless things have been decided and are indeed ready to launch…

I for one would really dislike this. I prefer to have some information coming out of central even if it’s not always accurate. DxO shouldn’t stop engaging with us but try to be more accurate in its plans. DxO has bitten off more development than they can chew with the new image management features and ever expanding local editing (our collective feature requests would sink even Adobe at this point, it’s a combination of Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, BasICColour profile tools by now).

Speed and reliability are the most important features of any software. Hardware acceleration and support of new camera bodies (and eventually new lenses, although bodies should be a priority) are the must do tasks. The rest is just icing on a far too tall wedding cake now. Any additions which would slow PhotoLab should be postponed until they won’t slow PhotoLab.

There’s no excuse for not having real time sliders, at least in a good quality proxy resolution (switchable to full calculation). Video programs have been using proxy formats/resolutions forever. AfterShot Pro and Lightroom both take full advantage of proxy quality to provide real time.

I’m very excited by what PhotoLab can do now. I only ask that it does what it does quickly, even on 4K hardware (new base standard for photographers, once you go high pixel density 4K with your images there’s no path backwards).

Not quite, there’s that “unless” … shoot the bear before selling its fur…

DxO pulled a fast one on their most loyal customers. The dollar amount isn’t the issue. I’m not sure how one can be “astonished” that most people don’t like to be misled and cheated.

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I bought PL2.1 on the basis of what it could do for me right now. As a RAW editor, it beats the others as far as my needs are concerned and at a very reasonable one off price. As long as the lenses I use are supported, it is likely to continue to do just what I need.

Do I want more such as a proper clone tool? Sure.

Will I upgrade to PL3? Depends on what they offer with it.

I got what I paid for with PL2, not what was ‘promised’, not what ‘might’ be in future updates.

I have done the same with other software as basing my work on what might be in the pipeline next week, month, version etc is not a great way to do things.

If something better came along at the right price I could potentially jump ship as I don’t feel the need to tie myself to one piece of software or another.


Did you “upgrade” from PL1?

No, bought it straight up as 2.1, as previously I used Affinity Photo and ON1 (which I got a refund for due to its lousy performance).

I was aware when I bought it that things were ‘promised’ for future updates.

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I bought PL1, then bought the “Special Launch Offer” upgrade for PL2. 5 days after the “special” offer ended, they dropped the price another $25. No significant updates over PL1 and the early upgraders got shafted.

I can see why some people are angry about a particular thing like your ‘deal’.

That sort of thing is not really on for ANY company.

I bought ON1 18.5 with the free upgrade to 2019 that had promises etc. All that happened was it was pretty much the same, a ‘new’ DAM that would destroy SSDs with redundant writes and a computer that was unstable and unusable. In that case, I was fortunate that even after the refund date had expired, they gave me all my cash back. The software might have been crap, but at least they got the customer service right!

There is something to be said for refunds for those that ‘upgraded’ from PL1

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I think this update has mainly filled the gaps in camera profiles and lens combinations. Maybe in the next update (2.3?) we will see new features.

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Perhaps, but they strongly implied updated features would be included in 2.1 and 2.2, so I won’t hold my breath.

But, I just want to reiterate an earlier comment that while I’m disappointed with the lack of feature updates, PhotoLab 2.2 is definitely running noticeably faster on my Windows 10 machine then 2.1 was. I still love using PhotoLab every day, and even after almost a year and a half of daily use I’m still discovering new ways to accomplish tasks and improve the quality of my output.

By the way, does anyone have a list of the specific bug fixes that were addressed in this release? Once the update is installed the list is no longer available.



You can find the release notes on the support page: https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000945872-DxO-PhotoLab-2


Any response on the lack of promised improvements of this “update” or is has this joined the list of things to do in future versions?

Earlier in this thread Svetlana indicated she has no control over what is actually in a release and indicated Fabrizio would be the person to explain the current roadmap and why promised updates were not in this release. He has yet to respond.


I had noticed his lack of anything and also had seen Svetlana passed it to him.

After the problems with the last update I waited a while, but did finally update today. And I am surprised about the fact that PL 2 has become significantly faster on start up and also handling now much more responsive.

Oops sorry I am on Mac

No apologies necessary. Any positive results from this rather limited new release for any of us is a good thing.



It’s because Fabrizio is away for some days. I’m sure he will reply as soon as he is back (this week).

Svetlana G.

Good timing when a new update was to be released and no one else is able to offer explanations as to why the promised changes etc were omitted!

I am sure he and others made enough hours and needed some time off.
few days and he’s back so don’t burn your steak😉
(Maybe would be smarter indeed to tell in the announcement that questions will be answered after a few days to let people know to keep there patients when imidiate reply isn’t the case…)