DxO PhotoLab   Which feature do you need?

Windows vs Mac OS (8)
Add orange and purple to the HSL tool (3)
Configurable sharpening during export (5)
Export to application dialog - Export to dropdown list too short (19)
Crop and printing presets and Clone tool ( 2 ) (23)
Request: Ability to paste global adjustments ONLY (12)
Support for Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm f/2.8-4 with Panasonic G9 (4)
User Interface - Portrait Preset - Spot weighted (2)
Support of the generic DNG format of Android phones (8)
[MAC] Minor Filmstrip UI improvement for triage (6)
Request to add Chinese UI language (4)
A possibility to lock developsettings of original and virtual copy's (3)
Moire removal / defringing as a local adjustment (2)
Issue of sidecar file and other suggestion and idea (5)
Exporting to disc (3)
Flip Horizontal/Vertical (13)
Keyboard short cut from Lightroom to PL2? (16)
Crop tool - Recognise digital crop properties in EXIF (1)
Ability to flip image horizontally or vertically (13)
Integrate fine contrast in PhotoLab. (1)
Control points that don't bleed or at least have selectable feathering (4)
Rank function (1)
Best DxO PhotoLab Photo mechanic integration ! (2)
GPU Acceleration on macOS (7)
Allow the user to delete and clear all user filled lists in PhotoLab (4)
Double click to reset slider for settings (11)
Saving a point adjustment (3)
Record jpeg picture rating when generating the file (4)
Add option to show contents of parent folder and subfolders when searching by folder name (2)
Batch Rename & Photo download from sd/cf card (7)